Hello, we're The Lago's

Hi there!

We are Kenny + Jessica Lago

Husband + Wife obsessed with our three little rascals Olive, izzy, and cru.

you can usually find us camping, covered in dirt, at some awesome remote spot. 

 that’s our home away from home for us. we live in modjeska canyon, california.

which is as remote as you can get living in orange county. oak trees fill our property and a lovely little creek flows along the back which olive just discovered how to throw rocks into it. she’s rad. this canyon is so special to us. we got married on this property. we had a live band and danced into the night with our closest friends and family we are always available for travel. especially if we can make a camping trip out of it! we love to explore new places. we are always ready for the next adventure. we capture real moments. during a family shoot we may ask the kids to tell a funny joke or chase them around to keep things exciting for them. those are our favorite moments. something changes you after you have children, there’s no explaining it.

but life is truly so amazing. taking photos for you is more than just that for us, it’s freezing time and capturing those moments that you can look back on and hold onto forever. 

so contact us + let’s make magic together.